Wefew is a clothing company that, inspired by parkour and an extreme / action sports heritage, creates apparel for free spirited individuals that are passionate about the lifestyle.


Our clothing is designed by active athletes, and we use this experience to produce garments with the requirements of athletes in mind, which are essentially practicality and convenience, while also promoting the action sports lifestyle through a stylish urban based design.


We believe Wefew is a way of creative and positive thinking, a culture that represents the fun, enjoyment and freedom of life. In that respect, our aim is not only to create a clothing brand, but to provide a foundation upon which the unique parkour lifestyle can be built and promoted for the community.


In short, we aim to represent the lifestyle, through style.



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At Wefew, we wish to accentuate our appreciation of both the friendships we gain and fun we experience when training in action sports, and we wanted our logo, name and design to reflect these concepts.


Wefew are the band of brothers and sisters who dare to live our lives freely by constantly challenging ourselves, pushing the boundaries of our skills to new limits.


Wefew dedicate ourselves to the mastery of the discipline we love with the support and motivation of like-minded people who share our passion.


The different coloured arm on the clothing represents the link an individual has to this support system within Wefew, which fosters enjoyment along with improvements and new achievements in the discipline.


Two squirrels were chosen as a logo for the brand, as we found that the movement and spirit of a squirrel was an accurate representation of parkour and action sports in themselves.


The squirrel does not only represent the fun, playfulness and vibrancy of a athlete, but also the agility and effortless movement that an athlete aspires to master through his or her training and dedication to the sport. The squirrel also represents how we adapt to the environment by creatively seeing the world from a different perspective, an angle that sees obstacles as an opportunity to design our flow of movement, just as a squirrel does with every obstacle it encounters in everyday life.








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